The surest sign that you had a good time

2 min readOct 20, 2019
Picture courtesy — Kyle for Unsplash

My parents have gone for a trip to Tirunelveli, a town famous for its temples.

When they called on the last day of their trip, they sounded tired but excited, telling us about all the places they visited.

My mother then started speaking about the places they want to visit on their next trip.

That’s when it struck me — the sign that you’re having a good time is thinking of the next time when you’re still in this time


Let me explain.

You’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant and in your mind, you’re already thinking of who else you want to bring there because they will like it.

Someone you work with is leaving and you’re secretly wishing you get to work with them again.

You enjoy the vibe at a restaurant so much that you are constantly making plans about the next time that you are going to visit.

You enjoy a person’s company so much that you don’t want that evening to end.

We’ve all had those moments.

“I wish I could have stayed longer.”

“If I had a choice, I wouldn’t leave.”

“Can’t wait to meet you again.”

It’s easy to fake having a good time.

But the surest sign that you had a really, really good time is when you’re already thinking about the next time.