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Whether you’re a person or a brand, people know when you’re not being true. They might not call you out on it, but the odds of you making a genuine connection with them is also remote.

Pretense works when there isn’t much at stake. But when things get serious, you’ll be found out.

Reach out to someone only when you need them and they’ll remember you as an opportunist.

In the long run, empathy and honesty score over pretense. While you might see people making short-term gains by using pretense, they get found out in the long run.

Choose better. Play the long game. It will come to your aid when you really need it.

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My parents have gone for a trip to Tirunelveli, a town famous for its temples.

When they called on the last day of their trip, they sounded tired but excited, telling us about all the places they visited.

My mother then started speaking about the places they want to visit on their next trip.

That’s when it struck me — the sign that you’re having a good time is thinking of the next time when you’re still in this time


Let me explain.

You’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant and in your mind, you’re already thinking of who…

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I dread the life of a defense lawyer.

They are faced with the task of defending clients who they know are guilty or need to talk themselves into believing that their clients are innocent. If they know they are defending someone guilty, the more stories they need to concoct to defend them.

One of the things criminal lawyers ask their clients before they take up their case is to be completely honest with them.

Did they actually commit the crime?

Are they hiding something?

Is there something they should know that will help them in their defense?

In numerous courtroom…

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There is no selling without trust

An integral part of the If there is one thing that Donald Trump has done is that he has made Presidents who were previously thought of to have been terrible, look better than they actually are.

George W Bush declared war on Iraq in 2003 and did so under the pretext that they were housing Weapons of Mass Destruction. As it turns out, no weapons of mass destruction were found. The ugly specter of torture reared its head when pictures of prisoners being tortured in Abu Gharib came out.

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A very quick Yoga primer:

Trataka: This is a form of meditation in yoga that is designed to improve concentration and it involves the eyes. It’s a series of exercises where you exercise your eyes and in yoga terms, it is designed to help you look inward (that I am not very sure of). It also involves focussing attention on the flame of a lamp.

Yoga Nidra: As the name suggests, it has something to do with sleep. This isn’t any normal sleep (by that logic we will be performing Yoga Nidra every time we sleep). It entails lying in…

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Will this be so special that you will remember it 20 years later?

A few months back, when the IPL was going on, I was seeing a show where panelists were discussing what made the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) such a special team.

Of all the teams in the IPL since its inception in 2008, CSK has managed to build the most rabid fan base and that has been built around their talismanic leader Mahendra Singh Dhoni. With Dhoni’s career in its twilight, it remains to be seen if CSK minus Dhoni will generate the same manic fervour.

In the…

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Remaining small shouldn’t be confused with playing small. That is a whole different ballgame.

Sisto Malaspina was one of the co-owners of Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar in Melbourne. Going by the reviews, the restaurant is quite an institution and was run by Sisto and his partner Nino Pangrazio. They were both Italian immigrants who bought the restaurant from its original owners in 1974.

In November 2018, Sisto Malaspina was tragically killed in a terrorist attack. Numerous tributes were paid to the beloved slain co-owner who had left his indelible mark on the city. In recognition of his services and the impact…

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To do better, you need to know that there is a better way.

Sometime back, we ordered sushi.

It was vegetarian sushi, a contender for the oxymoron of oxymorons, from a restaurant we hadn’t heard of.

While I am a huge fan of Jiro Dreams of Sushi and wish I can be as passionate about what I am doing even in my 80s like Jiro Ono, I’m not quite sure what authentic sushi will actually taste like or even if I will like it. But what I’m sure of is that the sushi we ordered was, mildly put, crappy.


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A small anecdote — Many years ago, when pizza was still a big deal in India (think the 90s), we had gone to what was then the only Pizza Hut in the city. They had an item on the menu that we couldn't pronounce — mulligatawny. We thought that if it was something we couldn’t pronounce, it surely must be fancy and ordered it. When it finally arrived, we got a bowl of rasam.

In Tamil, milagi is pepper and milagi rasam is a very popular flavour of rasam. We realized that Mulligatwany was basically milagu thanni meaning pepper water…

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No one is a star, 24 hours a day

At their peak, The Who used to wreak havoc whenever they toured. Keith Moon, their iconic and troubled drummer, had a penchant for destruction, leaving the band’s management with huge bill to pay. He regularly blew up toilets with dynamite, lit fires, trashed hotel rooms and destroyed television sets. The band also had a penchant for destroying their instruments after each show.

Of course, all of this hedonistic behaviour took its toll.

He died at the age of 32, overdosing on pills meant to deter him from his uncontrollable alcoholism.



UI and digital Writer. Amateur runner and yogi. Future podcaster and author.

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